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Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging & Laser Therapy Treatment

The Acton Veterinary Clinic is equipped with digital x-ray. This allows us to perform diagnostic procedures promptly. This decreases our client and patient wait time, decreases cost when multiple x-rays are required and reduces radiation exposure to your pet!

Our new ultrasound machine allows us to perform much needed diagnostics in house, saving our clients the cost of referral if possible. It is capable of recording and storing still and video imaging. It allows our Doctors to measure and label the imaging accurately.

X-ray and ultrasound images can be sent via the internet to specialists who are world-renowned in their field. With advances in telemedicine, we have access to the best veterinary minds in the world. A report can be sent to us within 20 minutes of your pet's data reaching the specialist.

Now, patient records, x-rays, and other vital information about your pet can be sent or received by Acton Veterinary Clinic within moments, allowing our staff to get the best information quickly.

Laser Therapy Treatment

Therapy lasers have been used for a long time in human and equine (horse) medicine, particularly with sports injuries. It is a relatively new modality to companion animal medicine but has already been met with great success.

The principle of laser therapy is that a low-level laser is used to stimulate mitochondria within the cells of the body. This increases blood flow to the area of treatment, reduces pain, and speeds healing time. The treatment is performed directly over the incision from surgery while your pet is still under general anesthetic. There is no physical sensation associated with the laser, i.e., no heat, "tingly" feeling, etc.

We have also seen great results using the therapy laser to treat arthritis in older pets. We know it works because many of them have been able to reduce or even come off their daily pain medication. We are very proud to offer this state-of-the-art technology to help increase your pet's comfort after surgery.

Medical Consultations

We schedule 20-40 minutes for each new or sick pet we examine. After your consultation with your veterinarian, a registered veterinary technologist, or one of our trained receptionists, will ensure that your pet's care has been explained to your satisfaction.

We want you to feel comfortable with the diagnostic and treatment plans for your pet and that our explanations provide you with the ability to make an informed decision.

Digital X-ray