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The Acton Veterinary Clinic is happy to announce that we now carry the Rabbit Haemorrhagic Vaccine
What is rabbit haemorrhagic disease? Rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD) is a sudden, highly contagious and fatal viral disease of rabbits. RHD affects rabbits of the Oryctolagus cuniculus species, including wild and domestice European rabbits, from which our own domestic rabbits are descended. There have been cases in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Alberta. Call the clinic to schedule your rabbit for this very important vaccine (519) 853-1450


Rabbit Veterinary Care

We offer the following services for rabbits:

• Molar Filings • Spays/Neuters • Check-Ups • Nail Trims

Rabbit Teeth Can Become Overgrown!

The natural grinding action that takes place when a rabbit chews fibrous plants normally wears teeth down enough so that they are kept at an ideal length despite continuously growing. But pet rabbits often need to have their teeth manually cut due to a number of health, environmental, and genetic factors.

While many of your rabbit's teeth can get too long, the incisors are the easiest to identify when they become overgrown. They're capable of growing so long that they can begin to curl up and stick out between your rabbit's lips. This is a problem because they may get stuck on things like cage bars, or worse yet, grow into your rabbit's gum or the roof of its mouth. Dr. Hess can correct this condition called a malocclusion.

But just like the incisors, the molars can also reach excessive lengths. The molars are difficult to see. At the AVC, Dr. Hess will look at them in the back of the mouth using a special device called an endoscope. This allows visualization of the molars, which is projected onto a TV screen. Rabbit owners don't often know if these teeth are overgrown. Rabbits with overgrown molars tend to drool excessively and have difficulty eating. These are signs to watch for in your rabbit. If a rabbit is unable to eat, ileus or intestinal stoppage can develop quickly causing a life-threatening situation. Some rabbits have molar filing done on a regular basis to prevent the points that can cut into their tongues, saving the rabbit a lot of pain when eating.

Contact us to learn more about rabbit veterinary care in Acton, ON.

Guinea Pig

Pocket Pet Care

When it comes to veterinary care for pocket pets, we're the only name you need to remember. Our pocket pet care in Acton, ON, includes services such as:

• Growth Removal • Physical Exams • Nail Trims