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As veterinarians, we routinely see the medical consequences of poor dental health, but our initial enthusiasm is met with some skepticism on the part of pet owners. Today, pet owners in Canada rank dental problems among their top pet health concerns. Contact us today for more information about dentistry for pets in Acton, ON.

A dental procedure will have a major and immediate impact on your pet's quality of life. As successful as we have been in reaching the majority of our pet parents concerning pet dental health, we won't feel totally successful until all of our canine and feline patients are reaping the benefits of routine dental care.

Dog Teeth

Why Do We Need Dental X RAYS?

Unlike people, pets cannot tell us when they have a toothache or their mouth is hurting. Often dogs and cats never show signs of oral pain. In many cases, dental radiographs (x-rays) are the only way a veterinarian can completely diagnose a dental problem. Once diagnosed, treatment of disease will relieve discomfort so your pet can get back to feeling their best.

Without dental radiographs the visible part of the tooth may appear normal but underneath the gumline could be suffering from dental (periodontal) disease. Without dental radiographs, a dental cleaning procedure can result in hidden disease going undiagnosed, leaving a missed opportunity to improve the quality of life and health of your pet.

Healthy Canine Teeth

Healthy Canine Teeth 1

Healthy Canine Teeth 2

Healthy Canine Teeth 3

Diseased Canine Teeth

Diseased Canine Teeth 1

Diseased Canine Teeth 2

Diseased Canine Teeth 3

Healthy Feline Teeth

Healthy Feline Teeth 1

Healthy Feline Teeth 2

Diseased Feline Teeth

Diseased Feline Teeth 1

Diseased Feline Teeth 2

Give your pet the gift of oral health, book a dental procedure with full mouth dental X-rays today!

Dental Room

The Facts You Need To Know About Pet Dentistry

Pets require regular dental health checkups and cleanings just as humans do. Studies reveal that 60-85 percent of all pets over age three need immediate dental care. Without proper and routine dental care, pets may develop periodontal disease (gum disease) that may cause them to lose some or all of their teeth. Some bacteria found in the mouth of pets suffering from periodontal disease can be tracked to the liver, kidney, or heart, resulting in complications of these vital organs. 40 percent of cats requiring dental care have painful enamel lesions below the gum line. If early tartar formation is arrested and prevented, and if proper prophylactic teeth cleaning and home care is maintained, your pet will enjoy a healthier and happier life. It's that simple.