We will be closed Sunday June 16th, Sunday June 23rd and Sunday June 30th.

We are sorry for the inconvenience!

If you have an emergency please call

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our Facility

We are delighted to announce that we are fully operational at our new facility

93 Mill St. East
Acton, ON
L7J 1H5

Facade Improvement Grant from the Town of Halton Hills

AVC Sign

Facade Improvement Grant from the Town of Halton Hills

Our Facility Manager Janet Jeffrey worked extremely hard on multiple grants to improve our building before opening. As many are aware, this building was previously vacant for years. With an out dated exterior and an inaccessible interior there was much work to be done.  Our facility exterior is now an excellent addition to our downtown neighbourhood and we are fully accessible, including an accessible bathroom and lift. We are delighted to announce that we are fully operational at our new facility.

Street Sign AVC

Located in the heart of downtown!

Front Door

Main Entrance from Rear Parking Lot

Our new entrance has accessible parking!


Reception Area

Our large reception area allows clients and patients to wait at a comfortable distance. This is especially helpful for our nervous patients. We also have a quiet area for cats to wait around the corner to the right. Unfortunately due to COVID we are unable to utilize this area for our clients but we hope it can be enjoyed by everyone soon!

Reception and Victoria

Reception Desk

Our reception area has two stations, this helps us minimize wait times.  This has also been tremendously helpful now that we are performing curb side pick up. We have a large area to accommodate our clients over the phone during this difficult time!

Items for Sale

Items for Sale

We offer a wide variety of healthy food and treats. We have many veterinary exclusive medicated diets to offer our patients. Unfortunately due to COVID our clients are unable to shop our shelves but please feel free to sign up on our myvetstore.ca/actonvet to browse what we have to offer!


Surgery Suite

Our surgery suite is equipped with modern anesthetic machines and monitoring devices. We perform a wide variety of surgeries. For more information about the surgical procedures that we provide, please visits our Surgery for Pets page.

Dental Suite

Dental Suite

Our Dental Suite allows us to treat mild to severe Dental Disease and Oral Disease on site! We offer complimentary dental exams all year round. Please visit our Dentistry page for more information.



Our Laboratory holds state of the art blood analyzers for rapid results for urgent cases. This also allows us to perform pre surgical bloodwork the morning of the procedures. We also have the capability to run urinalysis' and fecal flotation's in house and we can perform numerous types of cytology on site.

Treatment Area

Treatment Area

Our new treatment area has been designed to accommodate our patients needs more effectively. With this state-of-the-art design we have access to all of our supplies at an arms length. Our patients are also housed in the treatment area for close monitoring. This ensures we are able to provide care in a timely manner.

Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray

The use of digital x-ray cuts the time and cost to our clients significantly. This is especially helpful in cases that require a series of x-rays or urgent cases that require prompt results.  They also allow us to send our x-rays to specialists for secondary interpretation in those unique cases. Please visit out Diagnostic Imaging page for more information.