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Acton Veterinary Clinic – Our Veterinary Assistants

Read all about the skilled veterinary assistants at our clinic.


Sheri - Office Manager / Veterinary Assistant

Sheri is our Office Manager and Veterinary Assistant and has been with Acton Veterinary Clinic since 1993. She graduated with an honors diploma in Animal Care Aide. Sheri's job includes mostly managing the staff and the clinic, but she also loves to assist the veterinarians when she can. When Sheri is not at work, she loves spending time with her two shelties and three cats.

Kayleigh - Veterinary Assistant/wEBSITE DESIGN

Kayleigh completed the Animal Care program at Sheridan College in 2008, she carried out her College placement with the Acton Veterinary Clinic and continued working as a Veterinary Assistant here in the field she loves. She has a special interest in laboratory and technical procedures, as well as a passion for fostering and nursing sick baby animals. As an integral part of the AVC, she performs a myriad of duties throughout the hospital with care and dedication.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, going golfing, fishing and hiking with her dog Moose. She also enjoys catering to her cats Prince and Comet, both adopted from AVC.



Shirley - Veterinary Assistant

Shirley has been a member of our team since 1995. She has a wealth of knowledge and abilities in  veterinary medicine and surgical procedures. Shirley has a certificate in emergency veterinary care. Shirley has also been grooming for over 20 years. Shirley has a bullmastif named Mayvee and 2 cats.

Her Groomin Room is located in the Acton Veterinary Clinic.  Contact her at (289) 839-3401 or groomershirley@gmail.com  or instagram @groominroom1.  Shirley will make your dog or cat smell sweet and look beautiful. 

Norina - Veterinary Assistant

Norina has been employed by Acton Veterinary Clinic since August 2014, fulfilling the role of Veterinary Assistant. Having started her career in the animal care field, Norina is excited to be back doing what she loves. When Norina is not at work, she can be found playing ball in her backyard with Takubvik, her Siberian Husky.


Janet and Miles

Janet - Facility Manager/Veterinary Assistant/WEBSITE  DESIGN

Janet has been with the Acton Veterinary Clinic since 2010. She wears many different ‘hats' at the clinic. She is very proud of the Clinic's receiving a grant from the Federal Government for Workplace Accessibility. The new Clinic at 93 Mill St. E Acton has accessible parking, a lift and an accessible bathroom thanks to help from this grant. The Clinic also received a grant from the Town of Halton Hills for façade improvement. Janet was excited to write both of these grants, and she continues to work diligently to make the new clinic a wonderful place for pets, clients and staff.

Anita - Animal Care Attendant

Anita has worked at Acton Veterinary Clinic since March 2012. Anita was born and grew up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). She moved to Canada in 2005 with her husband and daughter and is now a proud Canadian following her citizenship ceremony in January 2015. Her animals have always been an integral part of her life, and when not working, she can be found spending time with her five cats:  Pandora, Parker, Ben,  Daisy and Maddie. Maddie is enjoying her retirement from the Acton Veterinary Clinic.

Nicole and Jasper

Nicole - Veterinary Assistant

Nicole has worked at the Acton Veterinary Clinic since November 2018. She will soon be graduating from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science degree with honours in Zoology. Nicole is working toward continuing her education to further a career in the veterinary field. When not at work, Nicole can be found participating in activities such as hiking with her two dogs, studying or volunteering.


Maddie - Retired

Maddie came to us when she was 6 weeks old in 2005. Over the years, she has been a diligent helper in the clinic, providing love and support for our clients and their pets. After 14 years of service as our resident “cat nurse,” Maddie has retired to our kennel attendant Anita's quieter home to live out the rest of her years relaxing.

Tiny Tim - Clinic Mascot

Tiny was surrendered to the clinic at Christmas 2019. He had a badly broken and infected leg which had to be amputated. Due to the excellent care of the staff and doctors at the Acton Veterinary Clinic, we are happy to report that Tiny is healthy and happy. He comes to work and spreads goodwill throughout the community and at the Clinic.

If you would like your picture or your child's picture with Tiny Tim, just call the Clinic for an appointment.

Please follow Tiny Tim on Instagram @tinytimthe3leggedkitty

Tiny Tim and Layla

Aubrey and Rudy

Aubrey and Rudy

Rudy is still looking for his Forever home, please call the clinic if you are interested!

In the mean time he is having fun roaming around our clinic keeping dogs, cats and staff company with Aubrey. When COVID is over, please come in and meet this dynamic duo. kissing cat kissing cat