Puppy Packages

Puppy Packages: Spay, Neuter, Microchip and Deworm your puppy

Gold and Silver Puppy Packages

The Acton Veterinary Clinic understands that preventative medicine is the key to a happy and healthy pet! We offer these package deals to help you and your new pet have a long, lasting healthy relationship that is cost effective.

Our puppy packages will save you approximately 20% compared to paying for each service individually!

Have questions? Read our frequently asked questions about Puppies!

Prices will vary depending on the size and sex of your puppy.

Services Included Gold Package Silver Package
6-8 week vaccine + deworming + fecal flotation* Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages
9-12 week booster vaccine + deworming + fecal floatation* Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages
16 week booster vaccine + deworming + fecal flotation* Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages
Nail trims at every visit Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages
Spay or Neuter at 6 months of age Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages
Pre-surgical bloodwork Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages
Microchip Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages
Post surgical laser therapy Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages
10% off any product and/or service for the first year Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages Included in Puppy and Kitten Packages

*If your puppy has already had their 1st set of vaccines we will deduct that cost from your package. Learn more about vaccines.



Puppy Packages Special


Acton Veterinary Clinic strongly recommends spaying or neutering your puppy. Spaying (removal of the ovaries and uterus) and neutering (removal of the testes) can help prevent many future health concerns related to these sex organs.

These health concerns include pyometra (an often fatal infection of the uterus if left untreated), mammary cancers, prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate making urinating and defecating very difficult and can be life threatening), testicular cancers in addition to behavioural traits found in intact animals and population control.

We recommend spaying/neutering your puppy by the time they are 5-6 months of age, before they mature. Spaying and Neutering is  included in our Puppy Packages.

Additional Services at the Time of your Pet’s Spay or Neuter

Pre-surgical Blood WorkBLOOD WORK

In addition to a pre-surgical physical exam we strongly recommend pre-surgical bloodwork on your puppy before their spay or neuter.

This preventive blood work will show us how their internal organs like the liver, pancreas and kidneys are working in addition to evaluating red & white blood cells which can be indicative of dehydration, immune function and stress levels.

The pre-surgical blood work will identify unseen disease, allow us to choose the safest medications by evaluating your puppy’s ability to remove the by-products of the anesthetic medications, can establish healthy baseline values but most importantly it will provide both yourself and us at AVC with surgical peace of mind.

Microchipping your PuppyMICROCHIP

A microchip is a permanent form of identification that give lost pets the best chance of returning home to you.

The microchip is approximately the size of a grain of rice and is placed under the skin between the shoulder blades, usually at the time your puppy is spayed or neutered. We register the microchip for you with your most current contact information, if you ever move or your information changes you must change your information with the microchip company.

Post Neuter/Spay Laser TherapyLASER THERAPY

After your puppy is spayed or neutered we offer laser therapy to help increase blood flow to the incision, decrease swelling and speed the healing process.

These therapeutic lasers are also used in other areas such as osteoarthritis, back pain/injury, dermatological issues and many more.

Learn more about Laser Therapy.


Heartworm is a parasite that is transmitted to dogs by mosquitoes. When a mosquito bites your puppy it introduces the heartworm into the bloodstream.

We recommend all dogs, regardless of age, be on heartworm preventives during the heartworm season, June-November in Ontario and be tested every spring to ensure the preventive medications are safe for them to have.

We will remind you every spring that your dog is due for their heartworm test and preventive medications. Animals that travel to areas that have mosquitoes year round may need extended protection.

Deworming your PuppyDEWORMING

Every puppy should be dewormed for intestinal parasites multiple times before the age of 6 months. We also check a fecal sample for abnormal parasites that are not included in our normal deworming protocol.

Unfortunately, because heartworm is a blood born parasite this testing and deworming does not cover heartworm.

Dog GroomingGROOMING

Every dog, no matter what type of coat, will need some grooming. Thicker, longer coats will need grooming more often.

Grooming can include bathing, brushing, trimming fur and nails in addition to de-matting, ear cleaning and cleaning out anal glands. We recommend having your puppy seen by the groomer as early as possible to familiarize them with the process.

Speak with a groomer today to inquire about when your puppy should be seen and what a typical grooming appointment will entail for their breed.


At Acton Veterinary Clinic we strongly recommend pet insurance to our patients.

Unfortunately, unforeseen things can happen to any of our pets and insurance is there to help you pay for large, unexpected or unplanned veterinary bills in addition as routine preventive care. Pet insurance has a monthly premium, much like car insurance, and is much easier to incorporate into a budget than unexpected veterinary bills.

Having pet insurance in place allows you to say yes to procedures or treatments that may normally be too costly. We recommend insurance as soon as you get your pet, it will be too late to purchase once your pet has already become ill or injured. There are many insurance companies that offer various options for pet insurance to allow you to find one that fits your wants and the needs of your pet.

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