Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging: X-ray of Animal with Broken Leg


The Acton Veterinary Clinic uses telemedicine technology.

Telemedicine is the transmission of x-ray and ultrasound images via the internet to specialists who are world renowned in their field.

Now patient records, x-rays, and other vital information about your pet can be sent or received by the Acton Veterinary Clinic in moments, allowing our staff to get the best information quickly.

Diagnostic Imaging: X-ray of Animal with Mended Leg


With advances in telemedicine, we have access to the best veterinary minds in the world.

A report can be sent to us within 20 minutes of your pet’s data reaching the specialist.

The Acton Veterinary Clinic also uses x-rays and ultrasound to assess internal organs without having to perform invasive surgery.

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