It’s Flea Season Again!

Flea Prevention in Dogs and CatsWe are anticipating a very bad flea season this year, because we had such a damp summer. Fleas are a nuisance, and way easier to prevent than to deal with once you have an infestation in your house!

If your dog is already on heartworm prevention, chances are he or she is also protected against fleas. However, a few of the common heartworm preventives don’t contain flea prevention. A quick call to your veterinary clinic will let you know if you need to pick up an additional product. Your pet should be treated once monthly until November.

We ALWAYS recommend veterinary products for flea prevention. Not only are they significantly more effective than over-the-counter products, they are much safer. Most topical veterinary flea
preventives have been tested at 10 times the recommended dose with no negative effects! On the other hand, we have seen severe cases of neurologic toxicity (in cats especially) after over-the-counter products were administered at the correct label dose.

It is important for your veterinary clinic to have an up-to-date weight for your pet before we dispense medication, to make sure we provide you with the correct dose. Otherwise, it may not be effective at preventing fleas. Flea Treatment in Dogs and CatsThe product also needs to be used correctly – some oral products need to be given on a full stomach for proper absorption, and topical products need to contact the skin (not just the fur). Your veterinary team can help make sure you are using the product properly.

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