Does Your Pet have an Emergency Plan for when you’re Travelling?

Plan for pets while travelling

Pets often travel with their families, but in some cases they may be happier staying behind (or it may not be practical to bring them along). In these cases, they might stay with family/friends, at a professional boarding facility or at home with a caregiver coming to the house.

In any case, have you thought about what might happen in the case of an emergency? Does the person caring for your pet(s) have permission to take your pet to the veterinarian and authorize diagnostics/treatment if necessary? Just as you would provide emergency contact information if your children went to camp, you should think about who you trust to make decisions on your behalf regarding your pet(s) in the event that you cannot be contacted directly.

Being prepared and thinking this through ahead of time will ensure that, if something does happen, your pet can be treated promptly and according to your wishes. We strongly recommend leaving written instructions for the caregiver(s) outlining your plan and what they are authorized to do. Additionally, it is a good idea to notify your regular veterinarian that you will be away and leave the name of the person you have entrusted with your pet(s)’ care.Pet Travel Plan

If you have questions/concerns, or need help preparing your plan, your veterinary team will be happy to help so that you can relax during your vacation knowing your pet(s) will be well cared for. We wish everyone safe and happy travels! 

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